Love Life, Love Coca Cola.

When names appeared on Coca-Cola bottles last year, people crowded the shelves in search of their own. From Claire and Jess, to Adam and Ben, an array of names were available. But, we failed to notice any that said ‘hair’. Not surprising really, who would share a coke with their hair?!  An array of famous models, that’s who!

There are many weird and wonderful shampoo alternatives that float around the market, from tea, mayonnaise and lemon juice, to beer, fabric softener and ketchup. But, last month, a model-of-the-moment revealed that she washes her hair in Coca-Cola – another thing to add to the shopping list!

She claims that, by pouring Coca-Cola over her hair in place of shampoo, she’s left with more textured, thicker feeling hair. So, is coke the new secret to the perfectly tousled, softer feeling and voluptuous locks?

Although I’d be very cautious about removing shampoo from your hair washing routine, there’s actually some science behind using Coca-Cola, albeit dubious. The drink has a very low pH level, making it acidic, which would cause the cuticles to contract, resulting in smoother and shinier hair. What’s more, those with hair prone to curling will see their natural curls enhanced – who knew that a little bit of fizz could tame a whole load of frizz!

Please note, however, it’s not advised to use a bottle of Coca-Cola straight from the fridge, there’s a risk of screaming as you pour the cold stuff over you!

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