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Dubai Hair Doctor will be in London U.K. from June to August and taking appointments.

We can also announce that we will continue seeing clients in Dubai through our new Skype feature.

Please book early as appointments are in great demand for both.







My views also on a ever increasing problem. ‘So called Trchologists’ that pray on the vulnerable and do not follow the true meaning and ethical practice of a clinical Trichologist;

  • Investigation (of the patient’s presenting problem)
  • Explanation (as to the type of hair or scalp problem the patient exhibits and contributing causes through the ‘evidence’ of pathology testing & results)
  • Treatment recommendations (options, alternatives, as well as duty of care in suggesting same)
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    Can protein smoothies cause hair loss? Half of Europeans and Americans use supplements, according to recent statistics. By 2017, analysts estimate that the health supplement industry will grow to a staggering $36.1 billion. Protein shakes are among the most popular supplements available, often viewed as a relatively transparent and safe option for managing weight, muscle mass, and even sugar cravings. Now, fitness enthusiasts are concerned after a correlation between protein shakes and hair loss is sweeping the Internet.


    Tips for Avoiding Protein Deficiency In order to avoid protein deficiency, its important that you have a diet that’s rich in foods that are high in protein. This includes meats as well as beans, eggs, and nuts. If you have food allergies or certain dietary restrictions, it’s possible for you to consider different sources of protein for your diet.

    Ideally you will want to have about 0.36 grams of protein per pound of body mass. For the average adult male and female, this is roughly 45 to 55 grams of protein per day. Keep in mind that your protein needs may be higher if you lead a particularly active lifestyle.

    This diet should be as balanced as possible since deficiencies in other essentials can result in hair thinning

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