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Most women suffer excessive hair loss and hair  thinning at some time in their lives. Often it follows child-birth and occasionally an illness. Stress can induce hair loss as can dieting or a poor diet/ nutrition generally.

Changes in the hormone levels in the body causes some thinning of the hair in more than half of all women in this country and still more have hair loss in the form of breakage due to the use of poor quality hair products.

In many cases it is temporary and the hair will grow back normally without, any help. In others, however, the excessive hair fall, if not treated, will lead to permanent baldness.

So it is vital that the cause of the problem is discovered and the disorder corrected.

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  1. Thank you for your interest in my site. You have endorsed what I clearly state many times. Hair can be caused by a number of differing factors as you so rightly point out. However, in my experience a doctor is not ideally placed as the first port of call regarding these issues. For one, they have very little medical training on the hair itself; two, they have very little time to be dealing with something that is not life threatening, lose your hair, you do not die.

    You are correct again when you say they you can end up buying a bunch of ‘so called remedies’ that cost a fortune and have no chance of success.

    A Trichologist however, spends 3-4 years completing a degree on the hair and skin, and is extremely experienced and well versed in both the physical and psychological aspects of hair loss or any other hair and scalp disorder. A qualified Trichologist will not sell you a ‘snake oil’ treatment but will endeavour to identify the underlying cause of your hair loss and then if necessary refer you on the correct medical practitioner.

  2. I start losing hair insanely since I moved to dubai, when complaining about it most of the woman calim that its because the water here its very salty and damage the scalp, many girls recommend me to wash the hair with bottled water, but i find it inconvenience. I have seen as well advertisement the shower filters, Its this thing about the water true? or just another hair loss myth

    1. Hi,
      Sorry to hear about your hair loss. Let me assure you that rinsing your hair with bottled water will make no difference whatsoever! This is an expat myth. A shower filter is a good idea, as the water can make the hair and skin feel dry, but has no effect on hair growth.
      Female hair loss is not normal, although very common. Get yourself checked out by a Trichologist, the remedy is usually simple and effective.

  3. Dear sir, I am an indian expat staying in UAE for more than 14yrs now, we are 4 brothers other all 3 brothers have very nice hair, but for me looks like baldness is not far, don’t know why but wanted to consult good Trichologist in Dubai, suggest me, by reading the above comments would like to share with you that last 5 yrs were hectic in my life as i have gone thru 2 divorces maybe due to stress etc. have a doubt? kindly suggest?

  4. Hi dr.mike I’ve been experiencing hair thinking or hair loss for the past two years after a major spinal surgery. I tried supplements but nothing changed. I am handicapped so I though that maybe my lack of movement could possibly be the reason my hair falls due to the lack of blood circulation. What should I do?

  5. Hi Dr.mike,for the past year iam suffering from hair loss espicially in the forehead area(its obvious) dont know what to do or what to take, even my hair texture is different from before, its more curly and the hair by itself become thinner.
    Plz advice me what should i do, i live in abudhabi.
    Thank you

    1. Please send me your contact details and we will call you with the inforamation

  6. Hair loss and hair thinning for 4 years and its getting worse day by day

  7. I want an appointment with dr mike..please help me with the contact number and clinic address?

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