It may horrify you to know that the hair you see above the scalp is dead… someone could cut it off in the middle of the night and you would not feel a thing! Scary thought indeed. However, the bulb of your hair (which lies inside the fat of the scalp) is very much alive and thriving. In fact, hair cells produced here are the 2nd fastest growing cells of your body and are supplied by an intricate network of tiny blood vessels. This is why diet is so important to hair growth. As hair that has already grown will not ‘heal’ or regenerate itself like living tissue (i.e. your skin) it’s very important you look after it. Weekly use of a pre-shampoo conditioning treatment and daily environmental protective sprays are key to ensuring your hair looks full of life.






Trichorrhexis Nodosa This is a complicated name for hair that looks like it has literally exploded from the inside out (the core/cortex). Too tight and uncovered elastic bands and over-zealous brushing can be causes, so stick to wearing hair ties covered in fabric when creating your Halloween party styles – and always brush sensibly with a round tipped brush. Hair that Bubbles, Toils and Troubles If you apply too much heat to your hair, and at too high a temperature, the water in the core of your hair can boil and bubble. The result? The keratin in your hair melts and causes your hair to snap off. This condition is called ‘bubble hair’ as tiny, white ‘bubbles’ appear on your hair shaft. The best way to prevent this hair horror is to avoid high heat settings on your hair-dryer, limit your use of hair straighteners and use heat protective products. Applying a weekly pre-shampoo conditioning treatment to your hair can also be very helpful.

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