Therapeutic Hypnosis And Hair loss

Hypnotherapy has absolutely no side effects, as well as decreases overall stress and anxiety levels in clients. In this case, not only is hypnotherapy effective at promoting significant hair growth, it is a non-side-effects method to decrease stress and other symptoms of alopecia areata.

We can use Hypnosis to bring about both psychological and physiological changes, so, naturally, we can use it to promote hair growth. As you may remember, the power of hypnosis for hair growth can be in part due to the effect that it has on your stress levels. According to researchers, the hypnotically treated patient can experience a regular process in growing his or her hair.

Lists on Natural Hair Growth usually just mention that hypnotherapy may cause changes in hair, without explaining why. We have also briefly noted the potential for increased hair growth through increased blood flow to the hair follicles, but even more importantly, there is an effect hypnosis may have on the subjective experience you get from hair. Note that you may even want to combine hypnosis with other treatments for hair loss.

Stress-related hair loss is usually temporary, so it is possible to treat it through hypnosis. There are some people who find their hair does not regrow, regardless of the underlying cause, but it is always beneficial to use relaxation techniques to help you cope with your anxiety, in order to help lower the risk of experiencing further hair loss related to stress, as well as reduce anxiety you are experiencing due to hair loss. If stress and anxiety are a primary reason why you are losing your hair, then decreasing this stress or anxiety may help you get your hair back.

The relaxed state created during a hypnotherapy session allows the power of hypnotic suggestions to dispel any negative, limiting beliefs a person might have about their hair and hair loss. Further analysis has shown that while the patient is in a relaxed hypnotic state, his or her negative beliefs regarding his or her hair loss are replaced with positive beliefs. While in a hypnotic state, we can tell the subconscious mind to block out all fears of losing hair, feeling just calm, and peaceful, and knowing it is easier to encourage and maintain long, thick, strong, beautiful hair.

The thing to keep in mind though, about hypnosis, as well as any therapy, be it medical or holistic, is that it is more effective if used together with something else. While it is true that hypnotherapy can reverse hair loss, we still lack enough evidence to know for sure, or believe in with any degree of confidence. Another issue is that, for ethical reasons, most patients in this trial were already using conventional treatments for their hair loss.

Twelve participants showed a marked improvement following the hypnotherapy treatments, and four had completely lost their hair. After three to eight sessions, the patients with alopecia (baldness) showed a substantial increase in their hair growth (75%-100%), as well as decreased levels of overall anxiety and depression, which also might have caused hair loss. Alongside hypnosis treatment to restore hair, participants were given therapies that helped alleviate stress.

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