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Eggs are a nutritional powerhouse and are exceedingly good for your hair due to their high levels of protein, vitamins and minerals!

The ‘Perfect’ Protein

It could be said that eggs are the ‘perfect protein’ for you hair. The amino acids (protein) found in eggs whites are in fact the most complete and easily absorbed form of protein for your body! Dietary protein is essential to hair growth and health as hair is made primarily of keratin – a special hair protein that gives your strands their strength, flexibility and


The Holy  month of Ramadan is upon us again so quickly.

During this Holy month your eating habits are obviously going to change, this will most likely result in changes for your hair. If you experience hair fall during, or after the Holy month, this is quite normal but remember if it continues, then its not.

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Ramadan Kareem








With the festive season fast approaching, we all know too well that it’s our waistlines’ most dreaded time of year, but all that food needn’t all be doom and gloom. Did you know that what you eat can have a profound effect on the condition of your hair?


Volumized, beehived, poker straight, slicked back, braided or tousled and curly, the basic foundations for maintaining healthy hair are still the same. In light of Fashion Week, here are our expert’s top tips for keeping hair healthy and beautiful throughout the upcoming hairstyle trends.


1. I will remove tangles gently, starting at my ends

Removing tangles starting at the ends of your hair not only reduces breakage & split ends, but it’s much easier! For extra help, use a light-weight detangling spray.

2. I will eat protein with breakfast

Protein levels are lowest to your follicles first thing in the morning, so they need a boost! Your hair is composed primarily of protein, so following through with this resolution will help you grow strong & healthy locks throughout 2014. Our top breakfast choices? Eggs any style, cottage cheese or a side of turkey bacon.

3. I will

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