My New Year resolution for my hair


1. I will remove tangles gently, starting at my ends

Removing tangles starting at the ends of your hair not only reduces breakage & split ends, but it’s much easier! For extra help, use a light-weight detangling spray.

2. I will eat protein with breakfast

Protein levels are lowest to your follicles first thing in the morning, so they need a boost! Your hair is composed primarily of protein, so following through with this resolution will help you grow strong & healthy locks throughout 2014. Our top breakfast choices? Eggs any style, cottage cheese or a side of turkey bacon.


3. I will treat my hair to a hydrating treatment once a week

Use a weekly pre-shampoo deep conditioner to restore hydration, elasticity, bounce and shine. Over time, you will find your hair grows longer without looked frayed!

4. I will eat red meat once a week

Red meat is an excellent source of the hair healthy nutrient, iron. It helps keeps your hair in its growing (anagen) phase, giving improved density and length. If you’re a vegan/vegetarian, talk to your Doctor or Trichologist about an appropriate iron supplement. Good non-meat sources of iron include spinach, prunes, dried apricots and almonds.


5. I won’t pile my hair on top of my head when I shampoo

Piling your hair on top of your scalp when you shampoo can cause tangling and even matting. Massage your scalp gently and work the lather through the lengths of your hair. You’ll find it takes much less time to de-tangle and comb afterwards (which may even give you an extra few minutes sleep!) You also won’t need to use as much conditioner.

6. I will take time out to relax

Stress can cause increased hair shedding, as well as general malaise. Treat yourself to some peaceful alone time, yoga or meditation to keep your stress levels in check. There are even some fabulous relaxation exercises you can download onto your phone or ipad. Your hair, body and mind will all benefit.

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