Hair Horror Stories!

Dry Scalp:  When it comes to dandruff or flaking, the flakes are actually more likely to be oily than dry – 80% of flaky scalps are. However, flaky scalps are easily remedied by our Clear Shampoo with activated charcoal and menthol. Scalp flaking fluctuates with stress and certain foods – dairy produce being one and white wine being another so try and avoid these.

Dry Hair: Can be remedied by using the appropriate shampoo and conditioner for your hair type: fine and limp, wavy or curly, coarse and frizzy. Occasionally dry hair is naturally produced (along with dry skin) but this is exacerbated by environment and external usage of the wrong products and processing. Sometimes this can be helped internally by eating oily foods: salmon, sardines, mackerel, and by eating olive oil in your food.  However, this takes time, so a moisturising conditioner and styling aid would give quicker results.

Thinning Hair: Hair loss can occur for many reasons: Low iron levels, low ferritin (stores of iron that help in the production of hair cell protein), Thyroid problems, low vitamin B12 or zinc, hormones – to name a few.  But one that is often overlooked is nutrition.  Hair is protein, so it is necessary to eat proteins, particularly at breakfast and lunch.  First class proteins for hair are: Meat, fish, poultry, eggs – and to an extent – cottage cheese. You can also take well formulated supplements available under direction of DHD at Hair spa Dubai.(Sometimes, thinning hair is self inflicted by hard brushing, or pulling too tight when blow-drying, or tight braids, particularly in Afro-Caribbean hair.  So it is important to treat the hair gently – try using our vented paddle brush

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