‘The more I spend, the better the product.’

Not necessarily. No names mentioned, but there are products on the market, costing way over £100 per pot which are basically no better than Vaseline. (Some even
feel like Vaseline….)

Disillusioning, no? On the other hand, not all expensive creams are rip-offs. Good, evidence-based raw ingredients for cosmetics can be pricy. And, if a cream contains several of these at functional strengths (rather than low dusting’ concentrations that merely justify name-dropping on the package) the cost certainly mounts up. So while not all ‘prestige’ products are worth their price ticket, good results might, in fact, come at a price.
My advice is to not just trust fancy packaging, but look for evidence-based products with clinical studies behind them. Also, when checking the active ingredient on the INCI list (the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients which packages must display) make sure it appears high on the list, as this indicates a higher concentration. Sometimes
you can find ‘active ingredients’ appearing even after fragrance in the INCI list, which of course should tell you something…
Last, but not least, be aware of cheap ‘copy cat’ versions, which may well contain less concentrate actives or a less effective derivative of the active ingredient, rendering the product less

Did you know for example, that many products claiming to contain ‘vitamin C’ don’t contain pure L-ascorbic acid but essentially useless derivatives of vitamin C? All in all, choosing skincare can be a confusing maze. Best be sure and check with your dermatologist which products are genuinely worth the cash.

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