Straightening, can it cause hair fall?

Straightening your hair does not directly lead to hair loss, however the heat from such processes can cause damage and weaken the hair. With frequent use,  heat from these products can dry out hair and cause breakage.  A cuticle layer covers each hair on your head, protecting two inner layers. The cuticles of healthy hairs tightly overlap, thus protecting the inner layers from the damaging elements of nature. Damage from heat-emitting products separate this protective layer and invite damage and dryness to the hair. This dryness in turn may cause the hair to break and lose its shine.

Chemical treatments  to straighten hair, such as relaxers, or other styling options like perms and coloring, can also damage the hair if not done properly or done too frequently. Follow instructions carefully and seek the advice of a stylist to ensure your hair’s health. Harsh chemicals are used in these procedures and can easily damage your hair, which may lead to weak, dry and brittle hair follicles. If you are experiencing scalp irritation or soreness, you should stop any chemical treatment or styling product.

Although most damage of this type should only cause temporary hair loss, it is possible that permanent damage to the follicle can happen over time, causing permanent hair loss. If hair loss persists or hair breakage is unprompted by chemical treatments or styling, it may be a symptom of a medical problem in which case I suggest that you contact your Trichologist.

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