Snake Oil Products

I just finished a phone consultation with a gentleman from Kuwait that prompted me to write this blog article. He saw a hair clinic chain that sold him a special product that contained minoxidil (Rogaine) along with other vitamins for several hundred dollars. He was also sold a shampoo service for $2000 for which he had to come in monthly. Are you kidding me?

The practice of hair restoration is a multi-billion dollar business but what disturbs me is the charlatans out there trying to hoodwink a prospective individual with overly expensive Voodoo treatments that have no scientific backing.

Am I saying that no products other than the two FDA-approved medications, finasteride (Propecia) and (Tricomax,Revivogen) work for hair loss? No, not at all. In fact, my mother tried a product, some kind of Chinese remedy, that she swears has thickened her hair. We sell a product in our salon that is a pro-thickening shampoo for like $15. So I am not opposed to things that could help in addition to FDA medications, which have been proven to help. However, I am opposed to people charging hundreds if not thousands of dollars on hair-loss solutions that are unproven and do very little other than rip a customer off. Ok, I shall get off my soap box now.

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