Myth; Natural skin care is safest for my skin!

Many people, especially if they have sensitive or allergy-prone skin, think that ‘natural’or ‘organic’ skincare is kindest. Even agood many doctors and pharmacists believe
that so-called natural ingredients pose the least risk of adverse reactions. Sadly, this is far from the truth.

Botanical skincare ingredients such ascalendula (marigold extract), feverfew, chamomile, plus a wide variety of essential oils and fragrances are highly allergenic – so much so, that they are high on the list of topical ingredients most likely to cause allergic contact dermatitis.

I’ve certainly seen many patients in clinic with horrible rashes caused by ‘natural’ skin
creams. To call these products ‘healthier’ is misguiding and I strongly urge allergy-prone patients in particular to be cautious with products claiming to be ‘natural’ and/or mentioning plant-based ingredients.

Remember, you never react on first contact to an allergen, but tend to build up an allergy over time.
So the fact that you’re fine with them now doesn’t mean that they’re safe long-term.

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