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Do you know the difference between getting older and getting old? If you are decoding both these phrases with no common difference, and thinking that both of them can be used randomly at any age past the age of speech acquisitions; then you probably are just playing with the words, without understanding the true essence. Although, many times no real difference is intended, there is a difference between both the phrases. As getting older, in deeper context can be accepting the emotional and physical changes, your body has to undergo and be very vigilant with your health checks and other body changes. Speaking about other body changes, your hair will have early impact of you becoming older; as in, it will start shedding out with increasing number, with the passage of each year.

On the contrary, being the most primary beauty attribute, many men and women are getting more concern about their hair loss. This concern may ultimately add on to more load to their pockets for many creams, oils and other hair loss treatment option; and they may ultimately land up having nothing! However, thanks to the recent advances in the field of medical biotechnology and regenerative medicine, many techniques have cropped up in the market recently, stem cells therapy and PRP application for hair loss can be considered as the top listed amongst them.

One of the most highly accepted reasons, claiming PRP and stem cells as truly admired is that it targets at the root cause of concern and force it to be changed through intrinsic cellular mechanism. PRP is apparently an acronym for Platelet Rich Plasma, with choke full of platelets and other essential growth hormones; promoting tissue regeneration.

While there are many more other benefits, which have been continuously listed by patients, who have undergone treatment using it; some of the most surprising benefits for PRP and hair loss can be:

Used from Patients own body

The blood being used for the isolation and extraction of PRP is being extracted from patient’s own body. Moreover, stem cells isolated from tissue regeneration can as well be extracted from the fat source of patient body. Upon extraction, PRP and Stem cells are processed, separated and stimulated together under controlled condition, to promote production of in house stem cells in the hair follicles and other immuno regulatory cells; thus, working categorically towards the speedy hair growth.

Higher Success Rates

Research has gathered a lot of evidence suggesting reduced thinning of hair strands and regeneration of hair cuticle; which is one of the strongest reason for hair fall. Subtle, gradual regrowth of hair strands through strong foundation of well-nourished hair follicles through application of PRP and stem cells, is the key towards success.

Affordably Effective

While other conventional medicines like hair transplant, pills, surgery, etc. are the costly options; PRP has surprisingly been proven as affordable solution with higher success rates. Apparently, many patients who have undergone PRP treatment for hair loss; have reported to have experienced, mild discomfort, almost like getting a tattoo, but have as well accepted it to be worth as far as outcome is concerned.

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