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I have tried my best to educate and inform some of our illustrious expat productions in Dubai over the recent months. I now realise that in doing this, it is causing my own hair to fall (kidding) its either that or the fact that I am continuously banging my head against a brick wall. If I hear one more person say that there is a link between the water in Duabi and hair loss, I am going to stamp my feet very hard. Quote on ‘expat woman’ today, ” there is strong evidence to suggest the connection of the water in Dubai causing hair loss”…. Where!?! Please show me, point me, take me kicking and screaming to it! The reason they don’t is that there is none. Yes, the water causes the hair to be dry and dull. Yes, the skin does not glow with its usual radiance, but that is it. The water would have to reach the dermal papilla (which it doesn’t), then trigger an androgen response to either, increase or decrease activity, what water can do this?

Then we have the ‘expaters’ that know it all, “my hair used to fall and I used bla bla shampoo and it worked, so it will work for you”! No it won’t! There are up to 50, yes 50 different reasons why a female can lose their hair. Now that is not to say they have found something and it makes them feel better or coincidently  the hair has started its recovery process. Hair loss in the form of shedding is the result of some event 3-6 months prior. When I say event, it could be a shift in hormones, dietary issues, fever, dental work, emotional stress, you get my point. Female hair loss is not natural.

Doctors don’t know!  Bold claim I know but they don’t, they spend a total of 2 hours on the hair in the whole of their medical training. I see patients every day that have been to a doctor in Dubai and they have been told that they have  Female Pattern Alopecia (FPA)genetic hair loss. No they don’t! Hair loss is not life threatening so the medical profession pay little attention to it. The fact is that the ‘morbidity’ rate (suicidal thoughts) is around 18% of people that have hair loss. Cancer patients regularly tell me that they would rather keep the cancer than lose their hair. don’t believe me? Ask any chemotherapy nurse! The psychological impact of our hair must not be undervalued. It has evolved with us, not to keep our heads warm or protect the scalp. It is our secondary sexual characteristics. We make statements with it every day, political, religious, attraction and self esteem.

So to conclude; if you are female and you are shedding more hair than normal or the hair does not seem to have the same weight and density. Do something about it. If you had severe heart pain would you ask your friends what they suggest or would you seek the advise of someone that actually knows? Female hair loss is not normal, even in Dubai. See a (qualified) Trichologist first. And despite our friends on the expat bla bla’s recommending so called Trichologists in the UAE; there is only one! Being a doctor and reading a hair book does not make you a Trichologist!

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