Does being in the sun cause my hair loss?

Enjoying the sun is one of the best parts of the summer, but prolonged exposure to the sun can put your hair and skin at risk. The sun can cause the hair follicles and skin of the scalp to dry out, which can cause hair loss. If you are in at the beach or going into the pool, you may also find that the water dries your hair out since the water will rinse out some of the natural oils that protect it. When hair is stripped off its natural oils, it can weaken and fall out.

In order to keep your scalp and hair healthy during the summer, consider limiting your time in the sun or wearing a lose hat in order to protect your scalp. Doing additional conditioning treatments and washing you hair less during the summer may also help to protect the follicles and scalp. Just like the rest of your skin, you want to make sure it is getting enough moisture to stay healthy. Drinking enough water will also ensure your skin is properly hydrated.

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  1. i’m confused, your post says “washing you hair less during the summer may also help to protect the follicles and scalp…”
    this contradicts your previous advice that we should wash our hair every day

    1. You should wash your hair every day and that would always be my advise. However, if you are suffering from an unusually dry scalp and hair during the summer months some patients find a benefit from shampooing on alternate days.

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