Do you really know how to shampoo your hair?

People often ask me how to correctly wash hair. Have you ever considered if you are washing your hair correctly? We shampoo alone, and most often do it the same way.  There is no one to correct your mistakes when you cleanse your hair alone and more likely than not you don’t observe others washing their hair to learn from them or question their technique. I’m frequently asked how often should hair be washed and the answer is simple – daily! You wash or cleanse your face every day to keep skin looking its best – your hair goes to all the same places so it too needs daily care.

Choice of shampoo is important – choose one according to your hair type: fine and straight, wavy, frizzy etc

All hair types will benefit from a healthy hair regime that includes a ‘pre shampoo’. This is a conditioning treatment applied before shampoo onto dampened hair, and left in for approximately 15 minutes. The aim of the treatment is to moisturize the hair from within, penetrating deep under the hair cuticles helping to moisturise, condition and strengthen. This pre-shampoo treatment helps repair and protect your hair from weathering and chemical damage caused during processing such as colouring, straightening and perming.Cationic conditioners are particularly effective in pre shampoo treatments as they deposit a molecular layer of ingredients onto the hair surface as well as neutralising static and improving comb through and shine. Simply, using a pre-shampoo treatment prevents the heavy build-up that is often encountered with intensive conditioners. The ingredients used to carry the treatment into the hair cuticle need to be shampooed off otherwise the hair would be limp, sticky and without shine.

Just before you wash your hair, firstly detangle the hair by running a wide-toothed comb through starting at the ends, gradually working up the hair strands. Use a ‘saw-cut’ comb in which each tooth is cut into it, making it smoother. They are available in plastic or vulcanite (hard rubber). Avoid cheap plastic combs made from a mould as these can cut into the hair. Metal combs are even worse as their edges can lacerate the hair.

Correct Shampooing
Pre-soaking is vital. Thoroughly wet hair needs less shampoo. Use warm water and gently draw your fingers through your hair as the water is flowing over it.

Shampoo and lather

Don’t pour the shampoo directly onto the hair, pour it onto the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and then smooth the shampoo over your hair. Gently rub your palms over your hair, and then massage the scalp with your fingertips in a gentle kneading motion. Massage on any part of the body is relaxing and gives a feeling of well being.  This is particularly so in scalp massage and shampooing. Continue the massaging action for approximately thirty seconds and every so often run your fingers through your hair from front to back in order to avoid tangling. One wash is all that is necessary when washing your hair daily.


When you think it has been rinsed enough, rinse again.
  Dull hair is often caused by insufficient rinsing. There is no need to finish off a rinse with cold water.

You should always use an after-shampoo conditioner whatever your hair type. Pour a small quantity into the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and smooth the conditioner over the hair, paying particular attention to the ends. Do not rub into the scalp or put the conditioner on the hair near the scalp. Rinse immediately.Many people believe that leaving conditioner your hair is better for it. That is a false myth.There is no reason to leave conditioner in your hair for any length of time. A well-formulated conditioner should act on the hair immediately.
You can’t ‘over condition’. If you think you are – you may be using the wrong conditioner, or too much or not using it correctly.

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