Contrary to popular belief, dandruff (pityriasis capitis) is not dry scalp. Most dandruff is oily so there is no point in putting on oil and rubbing it in, to cure your dry scalp – it will only make the oily flakes oilier – and stickier. Pityriasis capitis affects most people at some time in their life, often temporarily and fluctuating. Research indicates that it is stimulated by a micro-organism normally present on everyone’s scalp as part of the skin’s normal flora – so you can’t catch it as you already have it.

The skin’s secretions control the organism, keeping it at a certain level. Adverse changes in the secretions, however, enable the micro-organism to flourish, causing the scalp to produce skin flakes faster – dandruff flakes. The extra rapidity of skin production and an increase in sebum, cause the flakes to become oily and stick to the scalp. Reasons for adverse changes in skin secretions can be stress, hormone changes in sexes, diet, cosmetic products and poor hygiene. Dandruff is simple to clear by using an effective shampoo and leave in Juniper Scalp Toner for flaky and itchy scalps. However, it may re-occur if left untreated.

DHD recommends using Juniper Tar Shampoo and Clear with activated charcoal to clear dandruff then alternate between Clear Shampoo and shampoo for your specific hair type to manage healthy scalp and hair.

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