Dandruff and Winter Hair

Winter is the worst time for Dandruff . Many people notice their scalp gets more irritable, with an increase in itching/flaking or just general discomfort. There are two main reasons for this: stress and a change in diet  On the plus side though, common dandruff is a pretty easy annoyance to remedy.



The holiday season can be extremely stressful – whether it’s from trying to keep up with a busy work schedule, a hectic social life, family engagements and planning, the anxiety of Christmas shopping, or all of the above and more. And stress, through a convoluted route, encourages the production of flakes and oiliness.  While maintaining a calm demeanor may be tricky, an easy way to combat dandruff is to shampoo and condition daily – as many times the flakes you see are just an accumulation of dead skin cells that have not been removed. However, due to fear of catching cold, you may avoid washing your hair for days at a time during winter and this makes the problem even worse. Rest assured though, wet hair won’t hair you more prone to getting ill – it’s just that your resistance is lower at this time of year. If you’re still uncertain, simply roughly (but gently!) blow dry your hair before going out to remove excess moisture – or wash your hair in the evenings so that it can dry as you sleep in the comfort of central heating.


Holiday parties and dinners normally involve heavier foods than you might be used to, and also more alcohol. While it’s fine to indulge once in a while (and we suggest you always drink sensibly!), if you’re prone to dandruff certain foods and drink can make it worse. These include dairy products such as cheese, creamy sauces, full fat milk and rich puddings, and also white wine and champagne. Try to opt for something else, or consume sparingly. If willpower fails, using  Clear Scalp Therapy with charcoal daily will help sooth any irritation, as will applying a weekly Tarinol scalp mask


Product Recommendations for Common Winter Dandruff;

Tarinol Shampoo, mask and anti itch lotion. (clinic sale only)

Clear Shampoo with Charcoal

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