It is better to use a comb than a brush – a comb is easier on your hair. Vigorous brushing weakens your hair by removing some of the hair’s cuticle. Brushing may break hair off of the cuticle The constant traction, pulls the hair out. Sharp bristles will also scratch your scalp.
Brushes are often an essential styling tool – but you need to be careful.Choose a brush with a long, widely spaced plastic (not natural) bristle, as plastic bristles are smoother, blunter and kinder. Preferably the bristles should be ball-tipped. Natural bristles are sharper and tufted close together. Above all, avoid anything with metal prongs.Use a ‘saw-cut’ comb in which each tooth is cut into it, making it smoother. They are available in plastic or vulcanite (hard rubber). Avoid cheap plastic combs made from a mould as these can cut into the hair. Metal combs are even worse as their edges can lacerate the hair. The best styling results are obtained when using a comb to ease out tangles and a brush to style the hair into shape while using the blow dryer. It is vital to make sure they are cleaned regularly as they are prone to collect dirt,
which will be deposited back on to your hair.

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