Blondes, do they have more fun or just more hair?

The color of your hair does not determine if you will experience hair loss or not. Blondes characteristically have more hairs per head than do red heads but these hairs are generally finer in texture. Blondes and brunettes both have the same chance of balding. It all comes down to genetics. Blondes who got their hair color through a process of bleaching their hair however, may experience hair loss due to a reason other than genetics. The chemicals and dyes in hair coloring can affect the health of your hair. Some chemicals dry out your hair so extremely that it may actually break off. If your hair is badly damaged, it can lead to visible thinning and even bald patches.

If you believe have experienced hair loss due to genetics or chemicals, you should see your Trichologist as soon as possible to correctly diagnose you. If they determine it is not due to a medical issue, you may want to begin looking for hair loss treatments

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