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Your body breaks down carbohydrates and converts them into energy. They’re absorbed quickly into your bloodstream and shuttled around your body for fuel and repair. Amongst other things, carbohydrates are used to convert protein into the cells that form your hair.

Carbohydrates are important because they provide energy, and being the second fastest-growing cells in your body, your hair cells need a lot of energy to grow. However, because hair is a non-essential tissue its needs are not prioritised and a deficit of carbohydartes is likely to show up first in the form of excessive hair shedding.

If your diet lacks complex carbohydrates, your body may also start to convert stored proteins, like muscle, into energy. This can be


Summertime is fast approaching and it’s easy to get caught up in the warmth and forget to adequately protect your hair. It’s common knowledge that the sun has the potential to cause skin damage, increase aging and even trigger cancer, but in addition to treating your skin to the protection of SPF lotions, it’s vital to keep your hair from harm too.



Unfortunately, hair loss is a very common symptom during menopause. Though hair loss is very often believed to only affect men, most women will experience some sort of hair loss during their life time too. Hair loss in women occurs when the number of hairs falling out is greater than the number of hairs growing. The causes of hair loss in women going through menopause usually fall into one of two categories; psychological or physical.

Hormonal imbalance is most often the cause of hair loss during menopause, and falls under the category of physical causes. This happens when there is too much of the hormone known as DHT in the body.



Summer can be one of the most damaging seasons for hair. Long exposure to the sun and heat can quickly dry hair out in some cases will cause damage and hair loss. Here are our three tips for helping combat the elements:

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